Conference on interdisciplinarity in STEM education

The IDENTITIES partnership presents the final international multiplier event, to be held in Bologna (Piazza di San Giovanni in Monte, 2 – Aula Prodi) on November 4th as a Conference on Interdisciplinarity in STEM education. It will be a networking event among EU-funded projects that deal with the issues of education to inter-multi-transdisciplinarity in STEM. The main projects that will take part in the event will be FEDORA (, SEAS (,  and OARS (, but other projects will be present with their posters and dissemination materials.

Please, register for the event by filling in the form at this link.

The Conference will be organized in two parts. The first part, in the morning, – mainly targeted at researchers in STEM education – will address the comparison of research approaches to inter-multi-transdisciplinarity thanks to the perspectives brought by the different projects.

9:00 Welcome from Prof. R. Vecchi, Vice-Rector for Teaching and Education, UNIBO and overview of the IDENTITIES project
9:30 Principles of inter-multi-trans-disciplinarity for STEAM education: the research approaches of IDENTITIES, FEDORA, OARS, and SEAS projects
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Q&A (Interactive session)
12:00 Experiences of interdisciplinarity in the Istituto Aeronautico “F. Baracca”, Forlì, and in the Scientific Lyceum “A. Einstein”, Rimini
12:45 Comments and discussion (Guia Bianchi, JRC)
13:00 Lunch and visit to the poster session

The second part, in the afternoon, is instead targeted to in-service and pre-service teachers and will host workshops organized by the individual projects. The participants will have the opportunity of experiencing first-hand activities of inter-multi-transdisciplinarity education designed by the different projects and to get in touch with the researchers.

14:30 Welcome from Prof. A. Cimatti, Head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy “A Righi”, UNIBO
14:45 Inter-multi-trans-disciplinarity from the academia to the schools: which implications for classroom practices? Recommendations and insights from the results of IDENTITIES, FEDORA, OARS, and SEAS projects.
15:30 Parallel sessions of workshops organized by IDENTITIES, FEDORA, OARS, and SEAS projects. Each project will display an exhibition with activities or showcases of outputs, and will include time for Q&A.
17:30 Concluding remarks


We also want to inform interested people that the IDENTITIES exhibits will be present, in the same venue, on November 3rd in the context of the FEDORA roundtable on Proactive anticipatory policies in science education and sustainability. Read more about the event at

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