In this section we list:

  • the main theoretical references that set the basis for the IDENTITIES Project
  • the papers about IDENTITIES
  • the titles and abstracts of conference presentations concerning IDENTITIES concepts and activities
  • the dissertations framed within the IDENTITIES context

Theoretical References

Barelli, E., Branchetti, L., Ravaioli, G. (2019). High school students’ epistemological approaches to computer simulations of complex systems. Journal of Physics Conference Series 1287:012053

Branchetti, L. Cattabriga, A., Levrini, O. (2019). Interplay between mathematics and physics to grasp the nature of a scientific breakthrough: the case of the black body. Physical Review – Physics Education Research.

Branchetti, L., Cutler, M., Laherto, A., Levrini, O., Palmgren, E.K., Tasquier, G., Wilson, C., (2018). The I SEE project: An approach to futurize STEM education. In: Colucci-Gray, L., Camino, E., Dodman, M. (eds). Visions for Sustainability, 9: 10-26.

Durand-Guerrier, V. (2008). Truth versus validity in mathematical proof. ZDM The International Journal on Mathematics Education 40/3, 373-384.

Papers about IDENTITIES

Conference presentations


Chiusoli, S. (2019). La mappa logistica come caso di studio per riflettere sull’interdisciplinarità nei sistemi complessi [The logistic map as a case study to reflect on interdisciplinarity in complex systems]. Bachelor thesis in Physics, Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna. Advisor: Prof. O. Levrini. Co-advisor: E. Barelli.