The IDENTITIES module on Nanotechnologies at the 3rd Greek Conference for New Researchers in Science Education

The IDENTITIES O2 module on NanoScience-NanoTechnology (NST) was presented in the 3rd National New Researchers Conference of the Greek National Science Education & Technology Association (ENEPHET). In particular, academic colleagues in Science Education from other greek universities were shown the design of the O2 implementation of the NST module in national contexts, as well as the methodology, and the data gathered. In addition, the planned data analysis methods & tools, including preliminary results from the analysis were presented. Finally, a review of the literature concerning STEM Integration and NST was also presented. Below we report the abstract of the presented synopsis.

In-Service Secondary Teachers’ Views during the Design and Development of STEM Teaching Courses in a Learning Communities Framework (Προσεγγίσεις εν Ενεργεία Εκπαιδευτικών Β/θμιας Εκπαίδευσης κατά τον Σχεδιασμό & Ανάπτυξη STEM διδασκαλιών σε Πλαίσιο Κοινοτήτων Μάθησης)

Argiris Nipyrakis & Demetris Stavrou
Department of Primary Education, University of Crete

The present study aims to investigate the different views about STEM Education that in-service secondary teachers of the S-T-E-M fields (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) have, as well as the level of integration that they implement. Teachers (n=26), along with researchers were called upon to design and develop STEM teaching material in groups through in-person and online meetings. Discussions will be analysed with qualitative content analysis, whilst the extent to which the collaborative Learning Community framework will affect the design and development of the teaching material, as well as the level of integration will be also studied with the use of network analysis.

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