IDENTITIES Summer School in Crete

UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 global crisis, the first IDENTITIES summer school has been canceled.

The first IDENTITIES Summer School will be held in Rethymno, Crete, Greece from June 9th to June 15th, 2020.

The lecture and workshop rooms are located at the University of Crete Research Center for the Humanitites, the Social and Education Sciences (UCRS) which is an autonomous interdisciplinary research unit supervised by the University of Crete (UoC) Senate and is committed to linking theory to practice, and science to society (click here to know more about UCRS).

The aim of the summer school is to implement, with preservice teachers, the innovative teaching modules on interdisciplinarity in STEM fields that will be developed by the partners during the first year of the project. Therefore, twenty-five preservice teachers will participate in the summer school (five from the institute of each partner). Students will have science, mathematics or computer science background as well as some experience or motivation regarding science and mathematics education. Furthermore, 21 researchers from the cooperating institutes will participate in the summer school both as trainers of the preservice teachers and as trainees of the other researchers.

During the summer school, students will engage both with curricular topics and advanced STEM topics in order to recognize the specific contribution that the different disciplines can provide giving a special focus on the interplay among physics, mathematics and computer science.

The first day of the summer school will be held the welcome reception of the summer school and an open lecture by prof. Tzanakis Konstantinos about the interplay between physics and mathematics through a historical approach.

The following days, students will be divided in two groups that will work in parallel. Particularly, the second and the third day of the summer school, both groups will explore the curricular topics and their epistemological, linguistic and educational perspectives. The fourth day, students will involve with an advanced STEM topic and will have time to prepare a short presentation in order to apply what “new” they will learn during the summer school. Finally, the fifth day will be devoted to students’ presentations and to a reflective discussion about the interdisciplinary approaches that may emerge through the implementation of the teaching modules.

Besides with the students’ summer school, a summer school about the researchers will be held. The aim is of this summer school is the familiarization of all the partners with the teaching modules and their interdisciplinary approaches.

In addition to the scientific part of the summer school, social events will take place in order to reinforce students’ long-term cooperation. Particularly, apart from the welcome reception, we plan to visit “Science in the City” which is a new – established science and technology centre in the city centre of Rethymno. Moreover, a social dinner will take place on Friday evening.

For further information about the structure and the schedule of the summer school, see the attached preliminary program.



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