Seminars on interdisciplinary STEM topics at the University of Barcelona

During the month of May 2021, at the Faculty of Education (Campus Mundet) of the University of Barcelona has been realized a cycle of seminars that has brought together secondary school teachers in initial training (Master of Secondary Teaching, specialty in Mathematics and specialty in Physics and Chemistry) and continuous training of active secondary school teachers in the STEM disciplines. The sessions were held on 10, 17 and 26 May 2021 from 15:30 to 19:30 for 20 hours in total: 12 hours of synchronous face-to-face work and 8 hours of independent work (with tutoring, online).

20 students attended the course and were divided in two groups that worked separately on two different advanced interdisciplinary STEM topics. One group attended the sessions named “Nanotechnology in our day to day”, the other experienced the module called “Modeling the evolution of COVID-19“. The two modules were specifically designed by the researchers of the University of Barcelona – in collaboration with the IDENTITIES partnership – to explore the disciplinary aspects of the topics and question the possibilities of interaction and integration of the different disciplines involved. Moreover, they were guided to discuss possible adaptation of the module for high school classrooms.

Research team involved:

Berta Barquero Farràs – Associate professor (University of Barcelona)
Carolina Pipitone – Associate professor (University of Barcelona)
Gemma Sala – Associate professor (University of Barcelona)
Joaquin Giménez Rodríguez – Full professor (University of Barcelona)
Maria Rosa Aguada Bertea – PhD student (Autonomous University of Barcelona)
Oscar Romero – Research assistant (University of Barcelona)
Eleonora Barelli – PhD student (University of Bologna)

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