Questioning interdisciplinarity in modelling the pandemic: IDENTITIES at ICME14

The IDENTITIES Project was presented on July 18th, 2021 during the prestigious International Conference on Mathematical Education that this year reached its 14th edition ( The congress has been held both in presence – for the participants who were able to be physically in Shanghai – and online. The peculiarity of ICME is that the participants attend a single Topic Study Group and, during the week, debate with the same colleagues with the objective to reach finer and finer discussion and understanding.

Laura Branchetti from the University of Milan was the spokeperson for the project, attending the TSG on Interdisciplinarity Education presenting a contribution entitled “Questioning interdisciplinarity within teacher education: a module on the evolution of COVID-19 pandemic”. The paper was co-authored by Eleonora Barelli (University of Bologna), Berta Barquero and Oscar Romero (University of Barcelona). The slides can be downloaded here.

Abstract: In this paper we focus on reflecting about how to plan teacher education to address questions related to what interdisciplinarity (ID) is and the conditions under which it is (or can be) developed outside and inside school. One of the aims is to look at which can be “good” questions for student-teacher to be addressed to make ID emerge, but also questions that guide the introduction of the necessary knowledge and tools for teachers to be able to analyse ID. Our research relies on some tools provided by the anthropological theory of the didactic, in particular, concerning their epistemological questioning of disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge at stake; and complemented by some tools from the boundary objects and crossing approach to detect possible questions in the boundaries of the disciplines.

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