IDENTITIES at ESERA2021 virtual conference

The project IDENTITIES will be present at the ESERA2021 Conference that will be held virtually from August 30th to September 3rd, organized by the University of Minho (Portugal). Conferences of the European Science Education Researchers Association are organized every two years and throughout the 14 editions they have become an essential appointment for researchers in science education not only from Europe but from all over the world.

This year, the IDENTITIES partnership is honored to take part in the discussion about interdisciplinary within the ESERA community presenting a symposium titled “Disciplinary Identities In Interdisciplinary Topics: Challenges And Opportunities For Teacher Education“. We invite all the researchers who have registered to the conference to watch the four pre-recorded presentations, each of them addressing one of the four teaching-learning modules for prospective teachers designed within the IDENTITIES project. Specifically, we will have two contributions on modules about advanced STEM topics (nanotechnology and coronavirus) and two about curricular interdisciplinary topics (cryptography and parabola):

1) S-T-E-M STUDENT TEACHERS ANALYSING INTERDISCIPLINARITY IN THE FIELD OF NANOTECHNOLOGY. Argyris Nipyrakis, Athanasia Kokolaki, Ioannis Metaxas, Emily Michailidi & Dimitris Stavrou (1)

2) TEACHER EDUCATION FOR INTERDISCIPLINARITY: DESIGN OF A MODULE ABOUT MODELLING CORONAVIRUS EVOLUTION. Berta Barquero (2), Eleonora Barelli (3), Oscar Romero (2), María Rosa Aguada Berta (2), Joaquim Jiménez (2), Carolina Pipitone (2), Gemma Sala Sebastiá (2)

3) TEACHING CRYPTOGRAPHY TO FOSTER INTERDISCIPLINARITY BETWEEN MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE Viviane Durand-Guerrier (4), Iro Bartzia, (4), Laura Branchetti (5), Michael Lodi (3), Simone Martini (3), Simon Modeste (4), Marco Sbaraglia (3)

4) PARABOLA AND PARABOLIC MOTION: CROSSING BOUNDARIES BETWEEN PHYSICS AND MATHEMATICS. Sara Satanassi (3), Laura Branchetti (5), Paola Fantini (3), Olivia Levrini (3)

(1) University of Crete, Greece
(2)  University of Barcelona, Spain
(3) Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, Italy
(4) University of Montpellier, France
(5) University of Parma and University of Milan, Italy

The live Q&A session of the symposium is scheduled for Tuesday, August 31st 12-12.30 a.m. CEST. We invite all researchers interested in interdisciplinary research and preservice teacher education to join the session and take part in the discussion. The session will be chaired by the coordinator of the project, Olivia Levrini, and the role of discussant will be held by Shulamit Kapon, from the Technion (Israel), whose research contributions in the field of physics education and interdisciplinarity are outstanding. 

For those who won’t be able to join the live session and for all those who are interested, do not miss the IDENTITIES poster in the EU STEM PROJECTS gallery.

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